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Zero is A Playable Character in 

Anime Warriors Among Us.Edit

Zero is From the Gode Gease Anime


Although for a long time Lelouch remains the person behind the mask, throughout the conflict between Britannia and The Order of the Black Knights, Zero and his distinctive appearance remained a symbol of the anti-Britannian rebellion and the fight for an independent Japan.

Zero's fame quickly spread around the resistance groups throughoutJapan. When Lelouch announced The Order of the Black Knights to the world, he remained its undisputed leader as Zero until the Black Rebellion, with C.C. sometimes donning the costume to act as a decoy for him. Zero became a symbol in Japan, a messianic figure, especially after Euphemia li Britannia was accidentally turned by Lelouch's Geass into an enemy of the Japanese and ordered their massacre.

During the first assault on Tokyo, however, Lelouch left the Black Knights behind to seek his kidnapped sister, Nunnally vi Britannia. In his absence, the Black Rebellion crumbled, and Britannia declared Zero dead.                                                     

Vital statistics
Position 99th Emperor of Britannia
Age 17 (first season), 18 (at R2)
Status Orignal: Alive


Physical attributes
Height 178cm
Weight  ???

Story Mode:Edit

Zero is first seen At Hoari Island to attack L But is Defeat. For the Rest of the Story Zero is Allied with Goku's Regine to help bring Peace and Control to Britania


  •  Geass

  • Zero Default Outfit
  • Zero Regime Costume

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