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Default Costume in Dimensional Rift

At first a lone Amazonian sent to the world of man, Wonder Woman has formed her own ideals, doing what needs to be done in the interests of a better world.


Intro: Wonder Woman flies onto the stage, accompanied by two Amazonian warriors. She then gives them orders and turns to face the opponent as they run off.

Outro: She approaches the defeated opponent and binds them with her lasso. The two other warriors then arrive to frogmarch the opponent away.


Character Trait - Battle Tactics - Like in Injustice, Wonder Woman switches between her lasso and her sword and shield, opening up new combo possibilities.

Super Move - Amazonian Brutality - Wonder Woman ties the opponent up and hangs them from high object. She then unleashes a flurry of moves on them, such as hitting them in the head with her sword hilt, kicking them in the stomach and slamming her shield into their chest, before regaining her lasso and slamming the opponent onto the ground.


New 52 - Default outfit unlocked at the start.

600 - Can be bought with in-game credits.

Agent Diana Prince - Can be bought with in-game credits.

Battle Armor - A reward for completing Classic Battle with Wonder Woman.

Classic - Included in the 'Blast From The Past' skin pack.

Animated - Included in the 'Only Two Dimensions' super skin pack and the 'Only Two Dimensions 2' pack.

Psylocke - Included in the 'Dimensional Counterpart' skin pack.


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