Wonder womans default costume

Wonder woman is a playable character in Injustice:Crisis On Two Earths,she is classified as a Power User and is voiced by Maggie Q


Diana was sculpted from clay[6] on the island of Themyscira[1] in 1925.[3] She adopted the name Wonder Woman, and became a superhero, in 1941.[8] She fought in World War II.[9] She joined the All-Star Squadron that year.[6]During this time, she went by the alias "Diana Prince".[2]

Some time after the war, she returned home. She left the island again in 2001.[10]

Powers and AbilitesEdit

  • Flight: Wonder Woman has the ability to fly unaided.[11]
  • Invulnerability
  • Super strength: She possesses enough strength to tear Red Tornado's limbs with great ease[16] and hurl aMech with her lasso.[15]
  • Expert hand-to-hand combatant: Drawing from her Amazonian training, Wonder Woman is quite adept in   close-range battle. Using her bracelets, she is able to skillfully deflect incoming projectiles.[15]



Intro:Wonder woman Comes with her lasso in her hand and says "Prepare for a battle"

Outro:Wonder Woman wraps a lasso around the opponent and says "TELL ME THE TRUTH!"

Character Trait:Wonder Woman's armor glows Gold making her attacks stronger and faster.

Super Move

Lasso Of Truth:Wonder woman uses her lasso to bring the opponent closer to her. she then grabs her Knife and stabs them multiple times before kicking them in the air,still attatched to the lasso and swings around hard then slams the opponent down.


Wonder Woman Had Stopped and defeated the Copy of her beloved crush. she seeked to find anyway of getting to themyiscra. she found a deadly ruled palace,copy of themyscira. To her it was like a living Hell zone,and Her counterpart Olympia ruled it.

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