Wonder Girl is a member of the the trio known as the Teen Terrors. Other members inlude, Superboy  and Solstice .

WG N52

She is the most unpredictable member of her team. She is a playable in the game 'Death of the Gods'. She was the third character confirmed for this particular game. 

Events in DotGEdit

After a huge fight with the Teen Titans, Superboy quits the team. Wonder Girl quits also because she feels that Superboy is her best friend. But she couldn't find him anywhere. She went to live in New Jersey because her mother lived there. When she heard the news that the entire Justice League was killed, she worried about the Teen Titans and Superboy. When she was contacted BY Superboy, she quickly agreed to help him and met him and Solstice in New York. The trio then set out to find Darkseid and avenge the Justice League. 


Supermove Edit

Wonder Girl kicks her opponent across the face. Then smashes their face into the ground and chokes them. Then she wraps her rope around their throat and tightens it.

Character Trait Edit

Her bracelets grow into armor using the magic that it holds.

Alternate CostumesEdit

Wonder Girl Donna Troy

Donna Troy

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