The Wikia-2.0 is the newest Version of the Wikia-1.0. It was created and designed by TetraxGodofDiamonds and is compatable to most Games on this wiki. The Injustice games that are created her are able to be played on with the console if He/She wants to make it compatable with this.


It has Buttons A,b,Trangle,and X. The D-pad is up,down,left and right. there is also a spin button used for most games with movement. Theres the charger key at the back and the on and off switch in the front near the buttons. Theres also R2 and R4 at the back tops.


Theres Many colors of the Console. theres Red,Blue,yellow,Black,White,Green and Gold. There on button is right in the front and you press the same button to turn it off. when its turned on its green and when its going off. it goes red.


Wikia-2.0 Console

Other UsagesEdit

You can Use the Wikia-2.0 to take pictures,Videos or go To the Internet. you can also Video Chat and edit on your favoirte wikis,when using these it has the ability to become touch screen.