• "You can't keep this up!"
  • "This ends now."
  • "Please, stop embarrassing yourself."
  • "I'm winning this."
  • "Don't slack off now, Kent." -Batman
    • "Wouldn't dream of it, Wayne." -Superman
  • "I'll pull out the Kryptonite." -Batman
    • "Not if I get to you first." -Superman
  • "We're the World's Finest." -Superman
    • "Shut up and fight." -Batman
  • "I don't want to do this, Kal." -Wonder Woman
    • "Neither do I, Diana." -Superman
  • "I have to win this, Kal." -Wonder Woman
    • "Took the words right out of my mouth." -Superman
  • "I'm faster than you." -Superman
    • "That remains to be seen." -Flash
  • "Speed isn't enough." -Superman
    • "That's what slow people say." -Flash
  • "You ready for this?" -Flash
    • "I'm always ready, Barry." -Superman
  • "You don't deserve that ring." -Superman
    • "What, and you do?" -Green Lantern
  • "You arrogant little-" -Superman
    • "You forgot charming." -Green Lantern
  • "You've already lost, Arthur." -Superman
    • "Never. Especially not to you." -Aquaman
  • "One blast of Heat Vision and you're a goner." -Superman
    • "No fish sticks for you, tonight." -Aquaman
  • "Calm yourself, Kal." -Martian Manhunter
    • "Easy for you to say." -Superman
  • "Let us see who is more powerful." -Martian Manhunter
    • "It's about time." -Superman
  • "I don't fear your magic." -Superman
    • "Someone hasn't been paying attention." -Zatanna
  • "You're a psycho." -Superman
    • "Flattery won't save you." -Joker
  • "I'm tired of you, Lex!" -Superman
    • "That hardly affects me, now does it?" -Lex Luthor
  • "I'm taking you down." -Superman
    • "As long as you go with me." -Lex Luthor
  • "Kneel before me, Kal-El." -General Zod
    • "Never!" -Superman
  • "Jor-El would be ashamed." -General Zod
    • "Yeah, of you." -Superman
  • "You're strong." -Superman
    • "Thank you, senior." -Bane
  • "I will kill you." -Doomsday
    • "Been there, done that." -Superman
  • "None may stop me." -Doomsday
    • "Except for me, right?" -Superman
  • "My power equals yours!" -Black Adam
    • "No one's does." -Superman
  • "You're a monster!" -Superman
    • "You're too weak to see what's necessary!" -Superman (Regime)
  • "You weren't raised right." -Superman
    • "What tipped you off?" -Jason Todd
  • "I've planned for your return." -Superman
    • "Plans fail." -Scorpion
  • "I'm not afraid of you." -Superman
    • "That would be the fear talking." -Sinestro
  • "You're not the strongest Kryptonian." -Power Girl
    • "Wanna test that theory?" -Superman
  • "The Main Man's gonna take you down." -Lobo
    • "Let's just get this over with, Lobo." -Superman


  • "I will have order!"
  • "This isn't peaceful."
  • "Submit or perish!"
  • "You disappoint me, Bruce." -Superman
    • "Because I'm not a killer?" -Batman
  • "I'll end you!" -Superman
    • "I've heard that before." -Batman
  • "Give up, you're overmatched." -Superman
    • "I don't believe in giving up, unlike you." -Batman
  • "I would have given you the world!" -Superman
    • "The one you're oppressing?" -Wonder Woman
  • "Dirty traitor." -Superman
    • "You're just jealous because I'm faster." -Flash
  • "I'm NOT Sinestro!" -Green Lantern
    • "It would be easier if you were!" -Superman
  • "I'll shove that trident where-" -Superman
    • "You talk too much." -Aquaman
  • "This is illogical." -Martian Manhunter
    • "Shut up so I can kill you." -Superman
  • "You were my hero!" -Nightwing
    • "Go back to Batman." -Superman
  • "No more hero worship." -Shazam
    • "There can't be if you're dead." -Superman
  • "There's no place in this Regime for boys." -Superman
    • "I am a man!" -Shazam
  • "Time to kill you again." -Superman
    • "How exciting." -Joker
  • "Not today, Joker!" -Superman
    • "How's next thursday?" -Joker
  • "You'll be in hell with the Joker." -Superman
    • "As long as I'm away from you!" -Harley Quinn
  • "I'll finally kill you!" -Superman
    • "I don't believe you." -Lex Luthor
  • "You're weak." -Lex Luthor
    • "Say that without a metal suit." -Superman
  • "I'm proud of you, Kal." -General Zod
    • "And that disgusts me." -Superman
  • "You're becoming who you were meant to be." -General Zod
    • "I'm not becoming you." -Superman
  • "Grundy not like Mean Superman." -Superman
    • "I don't care." -Superman
  • "I'm not your slave." -Doomsday
    • "You're my dead slave." -Superman
  • "I will not be stopped." -Doomsday
    • "Because you'll be dead."
  • "If only you had some Kryptonite." -Superman
    • "I don't need it." -Deathstroke
  • "I'm tired of you." -Superman
    • "I should say the same." -Black Adam
  • "No magic will stop me." -Superman
    • "Except for my magic." -Black Adam
  • "You've changed." -Scorpion
    • "We all change." -Superman
  • "You're oppressing this planet!" -Power Girl
    • "This is why I was sent here." -Superman
  • "You're no better then Zod." -Power Girl
    • "You'll regret saying that." -Superman
  • "I can't be killed by you." -Lobo
    • "That's because I haven't tried yet."


  • "Be afraid."
  • "You can't win."
  • "There are at least 8 ways to beat you right now."
  • "I never lose."
  • "Just a weak man." -Wonder Woman
    • "Just an arrogant woman." -Batman
  • "You can't win, Bruce." -Wonder Woman
    • "We both know you're wrong." -Batman
  • More Coming Soon!

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