Victor Fries was a briliant Cryogenecist after losing his wife he became consumed by his work becoming more and more detached from humanity. His talents were noticed by Ace Chemicals and was eventually brought into the Cryogeneics division by CEO Thomas Elliot. He took the company to new heights buy presenting the possibility of Cryo power. Elminating pollution. Hower Fries's lab was sabotaged by the supervillain Hush (later revealed to be Thomas Elliot) and several cryo containers exploded covering Fries. He managed to survive however he could no loner live out side of sub-zero tempatures. While in the hospital Fries was able to deduce that the explosion was sabotage. Driven mad Fries formulated a revenge plot by creating a battle suit for himself and dubbing himself as the supervillain Mr. Freeze. Freeze attacks a lab looking for answers as to who sabotaged him but comes into conflict with the batman. As the 2 battle the lab is destroyed and Freeze is forced to escape to his hideout. Freeze then attacks another lab but this time is defeated by Batman and brought to his Batcave. He gives Freeze  proposal he will cure him if he helps develop the cure. Freeze reluctantly accepts the Dark knights offer. As Freeze works on the cure he plans his own alterior motive. The Duo completes the cure and as promised Batman starts working on a elixir to cure freeze. However Freeze betrays him steals parts he need for his new battle suit and leaves him for dead as he continues his own agenda. Searching for Hush he stalks the street with reckless abandon and is intercepted by Robin. When Batman arrives they are able to disable his suit as the street gives way all three are sent into the underground. Freeze then tries to attack Batman again but is defeated. Later he is seen in Arkham cursing the Batman.

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