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Vicki Vale
Vicki Vale The First Insurgent
Gotham's News Reporter
Vital Statistics
Real Name Vicki Vale
Alignment Good
Current age Unknown
Gender Female
Family Unknown
Status Alive
Eye Color Blue
Hair Color Blonde
Alias Vicki Vale
Unusual Features None
Affiliation Gotham News
Weapons None
Species Human
Home Gotham City (Earth)
Debut TBA
Class News Reporter
Voice Actor TBA

"Your live reporter for Gotham City news!"

Vicki Vale is a non-playable character in Injustice: The First Insurgent. She is a news reporter for Gotham.


An acclaimed photo-journalist with a reputation for tirelessly searching for the truth, Vicki Vale was for a while romantically linked to Gotham City millionaire Bruce Wayne. These days, she has moved into the lucrative world of television.

The First InsurgentEdit

She is seen in the first chapter where she reports the explosion in Metropolis and later seen on Joker's TV.

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