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Venom (Cross-Worlds)
Venom Cross Worlds
The Symbiote
Vital Statistics
Real Name Eddie Brock (Human Host)
Alignment Evil
Current age Unknown
Gender Male
Family Unknown
Status Alive
Eye Color White

Blue (Eddie Brock)

Hair Color None

Blonde (Eddie Brock)

Alias Venom
Unusual Features None
Affiliation None
Weapons Symbiote
Species Half Symbiote

Half Human

Home Earth
Debut Amazing Spider-man #654
Class Monster
Voice Actor Matt Lanter

"I am your poison!"

Venom is a playable character in Injustice: Cross-Worlds. He was first revealed in the demo shown at the Injustice Fancon of July 2013. He is voiced by Matt Lanter.


An alien symbiote found it's way on Earth. Once it crawled it's way onto Peter Parker, finding that it increased his already powerful abilities. He wore the costume for quite some time, until he started to feel strange. While with Dr. Connors, he found that the costume was a living thing and when he commanded it to come off, it refused. They were only able to separate Peter from the symbiote costume with a sonic gun. Peter took them to a tower and used the thunderous sounds of the church bells at close range to finally remove the costume and drive it away. Unbeknownst to Peter, Eddie Brock, a rival journalist who had a deep hated of Spider-Man was praying in the same church. The costume, sensing his hatred for Spider-Man, merged with him and turned him into a new villain, which would be known as Venom.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

  • Super Strength
  • Agility
  • The Black Suit


INTRO: Eddie Brock is on a black web with a taxi in the middle, with his black suit on, revealing his face. He opens up the window to the taxi, then looks away as his face gets covered up by the black suit, becoming Venom. He leaps off the web and lands in the battle arena, where he screeches at the opponent and gets into battle stance.

OUTRO: The symbiote starts crawling on the ground as it makes its way over to the opponent. It wraps around the opponent's body as the opponent starts screaming.


Character TraitEdit

Symbiote Stretch: Venom is able to stretch his limbs far enough to reach players across the screen.

Super MoveEdit

The Venom: Venom's tounge wraps around the opponent, strangling him/her. He brings the opponent closer, then grabs on to the opponent. He slams them to the ground, then creates a black web covering him/her. He finally grabs the taxi from the intro, and slams it into the opponent's body.


To be confirmed..


To be confirmed.

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