Venom is a playable character in Revengers: Demons among us. He is classified as a Power user.


Venom's Default Costume


Rival Daily Bugle Photographer of Peter Parker Eddie Brock grew a hatred for Spiderman after he got him fired. When Spiderman rejected the symbiote it found a new host in Brock. Now it swears to make life miserable for Spiderman. Calling himself Venom as he is the poison to Spiderman.


Powers and AbilitiesEdit


-Superhuman Speed

-Superhuman Stamina

-Superhuman Durability

-Superhuman Agility

-Superhuman Equilibrium

-Superhuman Reflexes


-Stretching and deforming

-Poisonous Fangs

-Webbing Generation


INTRO: Eddie Brock walks into the battle and then coats himself in his symbiote saying "We are Venom"

OUTRO: Venom sucks up his opponent into his suit and then spits them out. He is then seen swinging around the city.


Character TraitEdit

Venomous Touch: Every hit Venom deals to the opponent his health is restored. This trait is only active for 10 seconds.

Move ListEdit

Super MoveEdit

We are Venom- Venom bites the opponent with his fangs. He then grabs the opponent with his tentacles slamming then to the ground where he gets on top of them and vomits symbiote sludge at them. He then jumps up in the air and shoots webbing at the opponent after that he comes down from the sky pounding them with a hammer fist.


Character EndingEdit


Alternate CostumesEdit

-Dictatorship:Finish Arcade Mode using Venom

-Anti Venom: Defeat Venom with Venom.

-Flash Thompson: Pre Order the Game

-Toxin:Rate the iOS version

-Sam Raimi series: Part of Marvel Movie DLC

-Ultimate Venom: Buy a Venom Card on iOS version





Sam Raimi series


Ultimate Venom


Flash Thompson


Anti Venom

Venom (HD)



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