Vandal Savage is a playable character in Injustice for all. Vandal does high damage  but has short range on melee. He is classified as a power user and is voiced by Phill Morris.

Role in the storyEdit

Vandal Savage serves as the Jokers right hand man and is in league with him in hopes to eventually overthrow him after the war is won. He sees the intellect in joker and thinks he will be able to defeat Braniac.

S.T.A.R labs missionsEdit


Intro: Vandal Savage walks foward saying "what hope do you have against Vandal Savage?" and then gets in his fighting position.

Outro: Vandal Savage walks up to his opponent who is on his knees. He goes behind them and snaps their neck saying "you are pathetic and weak."


Character TraitEdit

Radiation bath: Vandal Savage gets a yellow glow around him. while that glow is around him he moves faster, fights stronger, and all his attacks ignore armor.

Special movesEdit

  • Dash punch: Vandal Savage dashes foward about mid screen and punches his opponent.
  • Savage counter: Vandal counters his opponents melee atttacks by grabbing their wrist and breaking it causing them to bend down, he then kicks them in the chest.
  • Savage palm: Vandal Savage does a close range palm attack which makes his opponent go on their kness for a combo opportunity.
  • Savage grab: Vandal grabs his opponent by the kneck and squeezes it tighter, he then slams the opponent down and laughs at them.
  • Dodge: Vandal quickly dodges to the left allowing him to easily be unharmed by projectiles.
  • Savage knee: Vandal rises into the air with his knee out hitting anyone who is in his way

Meter burn movesEdit

  • double dash: Vandal does two dash punches in a row
  • Savage palm: damage and stun time is increased
  • Savage knee: Vandal knees his opponent and then grabs them and throws them downwards

Super moveEdit

  • End of an era: Savage's super move is a counter if anyone hits him he do his supermove. Vandalgrabs the opponent by the neck squeezes it and with all his might does a powerful punch to the face which makes them fly back.





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