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Vital Statistics
Real Name Unknown
Alignment Neutral (is considered evil)
Current age Unknown
Gender Male
Family -
Status Deceased
Eye Color Blue (later red)
Hair Color Black
Alias -
Unusual Features -
Affiliation Dead Cell, Sons of Liberty
Weapons an unlimited amount of knives
Species Human
Home -
Debut "Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons of Liberty"
Class Power User
Voice Actor Phil LaMarr

Vamp is a main and playable character in Metal Gear: The Ultimate Patriot. He is a power user and is voiced by Phil LaMarr.

Due to his nanomachines, if executed non-lethally, his wounds will quickly heal as the winner poses, though this will effect nothing.


Born in Romania, Vamp and his family were bombed in a church where he was stabbed by a crucifix and was trapped under the church's debris for days. He was the only survivor, and, while waiting those days for a rescue team, was forced to drink his family's blood for food. Later, he joined the anti-terrorist group Dead Cell. This is where he met Fortune, his lover, and where he became repsective enemies with Solid Snake and Raiden. Vamp was also given nanomachines to make him dead near unkillable, as the nanos internally and quickly sew his wounds back together. He also has a seemingly infinite supply of knives on him and an inhuman amout of speed and agility.


  • Blade Barrage: Vamp throws a large supply of knives towards his opponent
  • Shadow Showdown: Vamp brutally attacks the opponent's shadown with his boots' claws
  • Aura Awe: Vamp covers himself with an orange aura that parries all projectile attacks
  • Titling Teleport: Vamp runs to the other side of the opponent unseeably fast, acting like a teleport move
  • Stabbing Spree: Vamp pulls out a combat knife, grabs him opponent, lifts them up in the air, and brutally stabs them in the stomach with the knife


Finish Me: Vamp throws two knifes into his opponent's feet, pinning them down. He then stabs them in the groin with his combat knife, slices up, and pulls the first two knives out. He then runs away from the opponent, confusing them, only for him to run in behind them and punch them down. He then back flips onto their stomach and runs in place, slicing up their stomach with his boots' claws. Finally, he jump up, front flips, and brings it down with a big leg, sending his downed opponent sliding back.

Alternate SkinsEdit

  • Dracula's Cape: Vamp wears his trenchcoat from Sons of Liberty and a few moments in Guns of the Patriots

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