If you would like multiverse would be if it were a high school?


Optimus Prime - Principal 

Superman - Sub-Principal

Ratchet - Nurse 

Godzilla - the school mascot

Punisher or Vegeta - The school disciplinarian

Ultra Magnus - Hall monitor

Captain America or Wolverine - History teacher

Iron Man - Ingeniery teacher

Black Widow, Black Canary, or Sonya Blade - P.E teacher

Bruce Banner or Mr Fantastic - Science teacher

Thor or Wonder Woman - Mythology teacher

Masane Amaha or Reina Soho - Japanese teacher

Daredevil - Citizenship teacher

Green Lantern - Art teacher

Batman - Psychology teacher

Hercules - Ancient greek teacher

Dr Strange - Health and hygiene teacher

Lex Luthor - Business teacher

Kotal Kahn or Aquaman - Sociology teacher

Black Panther - Commerce teacher


Satsuki Kiryuin - The President of the Council

Ryuko Matoi - The rude girl 

Spider-Man - The kid literally everyone bullies and has only two friends

Ruby Rose - The friend of which all bullies

Weiss Schnee, Cassie Cage, and Yang Xiao Long - The rich girls/Popular Girls

Raven - the gothic girl

Deadpool - It is repeating and that teachers and students do not support by his attitude and jokes.

Blake Belladonna -  The girl who does not speak or meets with anyone

Johnny Cage, Human Torch, and Green Arrow - The Rich boys/popular boys

Bumblebee - The friend of all

Ferra & Torr - the couple that literally not can live without the other

Venom, Carnage, Abomination, Killer Croc, Deathstroke, Bane, The Joker, Killer Frost, Kano, Tremor, Mileena, and Cinder Fall -Bullies 

I will continue later