Tselinoyarsk is a stage in Metal Gear: The Ultimate Patriot.


A large piece of southern Soviet land made up of swamps, forests, and rivers. Is split into Dolinovodno, Rassvet, and Rokovoj Bereg.


  • Dolinovodno: An extremely large crevice connected by a weak rope bridge. The user can rip planks from the bridge and slam them into the opponent.
  • Rassvet: An abandoned factory that is barely standing. The user can kick down weak walls onto their opponent.
  • Bolshaya Past: A rocky crevice filled with wildlife and leading to a deadly drop into a pitch black cave. The user can kick trees, making angered hornets nests fall on their opponent.
  • Rokovoj Bereg: A field of beautiful flowers next to a lake. Is where The Boss and Naked Snake had their finally showdown. It's only interactable objects are tree branches that can be knocked down.


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