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Trinity Rise and Fall


Trinity: Rise and Fall is a video game developed by Cinema Studios. It features Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman, and various other characters as playable.


Batman, Superman, and Wonder Woman are dealing with the threat of General Zod escaping the Phantom Zone, but time moves differently in the two different dimensions. For what seems like mere hours for the heroes, nearly three years have passed on Earth. The villains took advantage of this. They return to find their allies dead, captured, beaten. The world is in ruins and the villains are rising to the top. It's up to these three heroes to free the Earth and stop these maniacs.

Voice CastEdit

  • Batman: Kevin Conroy
  • Superman: George Newbern
  • Wonder Woman: Susan Eisenberg
  • Green Lantern: Nolan North
  • Flash: Justin Chambers
  • Aquaman: Phil LaMarr
  • Martian Manhunter: Carl Lumbly
  • Cyborg: Bumper Robinson
  • Shazam: Steve Blum
    • Billy Batson: Yuri Lowenthal
  • Nightwing: Troy Baker
  • Robin: James Arnold Taylor
  • Zatanna: Jennifer Hale
  • Lex Luthor: Clancy Brown
  • Joker: John DiMaggio
  • Catwoman: Grey DeLisle
  • Harley Quinn: Tara Strong
  • Poison Ivy: Vanessa Marshall
  • Bane: Fred Tatasciore
  • Killer Croc: Steve Blum
  • Gorilla Grodd: Powers Boothe
  • Deathstroke: J. G. Hetzler
  • Mister Freeze: Clancy Brown
  • Black Adam: Joey Naber
  • Solomon Grundy: Fred Tatasciore
  • Captain Cold: Steve Blum
  • Mirror Master: John Lerroquette
  • Captain Boomerang: Donal Gibson
  • Professor Zoom: C. Thomas Howell
  • Star Sapphire: Olivia d'Abo
  • Cheetah: Claudia Black
  • Giganta: Vanessa Marshall
  • Black Manta: Khary Payton
  • Ocean Master: Fred Tatasciore
  • Ra's al Ghul: David Warner
  • Riddler: Troy Baker
  • Brainiac: Corey Burton


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