Barbarian Queen
Vital Statistics
Real Name Thundra
Alignment Neutral
Current age 35
Gender Female
Family Ulgnuuk Tribe of the West
Status Alive
Eye Color Gray
Hair Color White
Alias Thundra the Barbarian
Unusual Features Tribal Tattoos
Affiliation Ulgnuuk Tribe of the West

Bounty Guild

Weapons Liberty (Warhammer)

Super Strength

Species Demigolem (Homo lapideas)
Home Dalvaak Plains, Xaverius
Debut Lineage (2013)
Class Warrior, Barbarian
Voice Actor Susan Eisenberg

 Thundra is a Barbarian queen, who also happens to be half Golem, from the 7th century. She is a minor-boss in the video game, Lineage. Thundra is a member of the Bounty Guild, under the employment of Electra. Charged with the task of finding and killing Kat Gray and her allies, Thundra will stop at nothing to appease her superiors and win her prize money. She has one of the shorter monologues in the game.


Thundra appears to be a fierece, battle-driven warrior. She seems to rely heavily on her rage, as well as her fierce passion for blood and a good fight. She often screams at the top of her lungs, a sign of her superiority over other barbarians. As a queen, she holds high authority over her tribe. This also ensures that she have a strongly feminine, dictator-like view on life.


Thundra is a muscular woman, with a tall stature and a tone physique. She has a large bust, wide hips, and masculine hands. Her eyes are a stormy, barren gray and her hair is whiter than snow. She wears the crown of a Barbarian queen, which does well not to hide her blue, tribal tattoo that runs from her left eye to her chin. She has big lips, a small nose and is very fast. Her golem blood gives her super strength, which allows her to weild her massive warhammer Liberty. She is usually seen dressed in her tribe's gear; a midcut, iron breastplate, iron spaulders, gauntlets, and a hide skirt, complimented by steel boots. She has a number of scars on her arms, which are always covered by long leather sleeves.


Thundra was born as a Barbarian princess. When she came of age, she inherited the title of Tribal Chieftess. Somwhere along the line, she left the Dalvaak Plains for a while and joined the Bounty Guild, under the leadership of Electra Nazar.


During the quest "Blood in the Water", Kat and her allies will be forced to fight Thundra right before they face Electra. 


  • Super Stats: Due to her golem blood, Thundra has a vast amount of super strength. She has been shown to lift thirty times her weight, and can go toe to toe with a giant bull with ease. She rarely breaks a sweat, and this blood also allows her to have super stamina, agility, and endurance. She is extremely durable, and is not afraid to charge head on into battle.

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