• Hi. I'm Zman700 and I would like to introduce you guys to my Fanon Game "Injustice: Gods, Monsters & Freaks."

    The game is special to me becauseĀ I would really like to see a DC Game where the Justice League does become antagonistic villains and the Batman has to team up with the World's Greatest Villainous team known as the Injustice League.

    I still have to update the page at times when I add some new character profiles or I have new information for the game's plot, so please, take your time to browse and voice your opinion on the game idea.

    I will also need some time to create the cover art for the game on Photoshop too.

    I hope you guys like my ideas and I will respond to your comments on the page whenever I have time.

    Sincerely, Zman700

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