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Thor (VotG)
Thor in Marvel: Vengeance of the Gods
God of Thunder
Thor the Thunderer
The Immortal Avenger
Vital Statistics
Real Name Thor Odinson
Alignment Good
Current age Unknown
Gender Male
Family Odin Borson (Father)

Frigga (Step-Mother)
Loki Odinson (Half-Brother)

Status Alive
Eye Color Blue
Hair Color Blond
Alias Thor
Unusual Features None
Affiliation Asgardian Gods

The Avengers

Weapons Mjolnir
Species Asgardian god
Home Asgard
Debut Journey into Mystery #83

(August 1962)

Class Warrior/Magic
Voice Actor Travis Willingham

Thor is a playable character in Marvel: Vengeance of the Gods. He was revealed during the first Fancon 2013 demo, alongside many other characters. Thor is a Warrior/Magic character. He is voiced by Travis Willingham. 


Thor is an Asgardian, a god to the Germans, Vikings and Scandinavians, who was forced to learn a lesson in humility by living as a human. Forming a tight bond with Earth and its inhabitants, Thor became a savior of mankind and joined the ranks of the Avengers.

Marvel: Vengeance of the GodsEdit

Marvel: VotG Comic BookEdit

Marvel: VotGEdit

Thor is one of many heroes and villains in the Marvel Universe who are being targeted by ancient gods, who want their power. Thor must fight alongside friend and foe to defeat the armies of the divine.


Thor will be classifed as a Warrior/Magic character. This means he has a health and mana bar. His attacks are based on brute strength, electrical attacks, and his hammer, Mjolnir. Thor can also fly in open worlds. Thor can enter Asgardian chambers that have been closed to other non-Asgardian characters.

Skill TreesEdit

Skill trees are divided in a very simple way. Each skill is on a tier level, assigned rightly so because of their complexity. Some skill might have multiple levels to invest in. For example some skills may be alllowed up to 5 points to make that skill stronger.


The Thunder skill tree focuses on strength attacks with Thor's fists. Brute strength plays a major role in this skill tree, with the higher skills upgrading his power to the max.

Skill Tier Levels Effect

Hardheaded Demigod

1 5 +8% Recoil Reduction, +5% Fist Damage, and +4% Charge damage per level.
Always Watching

Always Watching

1 5 +5% Critical Hit Damage and +6% Melee Damage per level
I'm Richer Than You

Bloody Riches

2 5 Chance to recieve +5% more S.H.I.E.L.D. Currency upon killing an enemy with punches per level.

Broken Spirit

2 5 Taking  damage has a 10% chance per level of dealing an equal amount of damage to your attacker.
Fists of Fury

A Clap of Thunder

3 1 Thor can expell a sonic wave from his hands that knocks back enemies.
Who Pays the Bills

The Thunderer

3 1 Thor can summon smoke duplicates of himself to aid him in battle.
No Mercy

No Mercy

3 5 Killing an enemy regenerates 0.8% of your mana  per second and increases your damage dealt by 10% per level for a short time.
Healthy Heart

T is for Talent

4 5 Attacking an enemy recharges a certain amount of health per level, depending on how low your health bar is.
From Realm to Realm

From Realm to Realm

4 1 Your melee attacks deal additional Shock Damage. Also, when your mana becomes depleted you create an electric explosion, damaging nearby enemies. Your mana must fully recharge between explosions. +1 Backdraft Damage Rank per level.

Challenge Match

5 5 You will enter a "Fight for your Life" mode upon being killed, which will allow you to get a second wind by throwing sonic attacks at enemies.
Ain't that a Bitch

For Asgard!

6 1 All large enemies instantly have a -10% reduction to their health bar.


The Lightning skill tree focuses on Thor's magical attacks and abilities. This tree will focus solely on upgrading Thor's electricity that he can channel from Mjolnir.

Skill Tier Levels Effect

Face the Fury

1 5 Thor deploys a shield of massive electricty that abosbrs enemy bullets and shoots them back out electrified. Deals +5% damage per level.
Spark the Fuse

Fry the Flesh

1 5 Thor can vaporize grunt level enemies with a blast of electricity that does +6% splash damage per level.
Envoke the Energy

Envoke the Energy

2 1 Thor releases an electrical aura around him that takes in damage and converts it to health. This effect only takes place once your health is at 5%.
Cause the Quake

Cause the Quake

2 5 Thor slams his hammer into the ground which causes and electrified quake that does +8% splash damage per level.
Revive the Rivals

Start the Heart

3 5 Thor gets and adrenaline rush that makes his lightning attacks +3% more powerful per level.
Broken Bones

Shatter the Shields

3 5 All lightning attacks have a chance of breaking enemy shields by +3% per level.
I See The Light

Blind the Bandits

3 1 Thor holds his hammer up, releasing a blinding light that dizzies enemies temporarily.
Light the Bulbs

Light the Bulbs

4 5 Thor temporarily becomes lightning fast in battle.
Boost the Brain

Boost the Brain

4 1 Killing an enemy with a Critical Hit causes an Electric Storm, dealing Electrocute Damage to nearby enemies.  This storm follows enemies that try to run.

Borrow the Blood

5 5 Thor's Maximum Mana increases by +7% per level.
Melt the Men
6 1 Thor melts enemy weapons, forcing them into unarmed combat.


The Hammer skill tree focuses on Thor's combat with Mjolnir. Thor's mighty hammer is one of his strongest assets, and he can use it in many different ways against enemies.

Skill Tier Levels Effect
Double Time

Counter Strike

1 5 Pressing the counter button gives you a +1% chance to perform a counter kill per level.
Hairline Fracture

Hairline Fractures

1 5 Hammer damage increases by +4% per level.


2 5 Thor twirls his hammer into the ground, which flings forward chunks of earth like bullets. This deals +6% damage per level.
Cause the Quake

Hammer Toss

2 5 Thor gains the ability to throw his hammer and crush enemies, dealing +4% of regular damage per level.
Hairline Fracture

Earth Piercier

3 1 Thor performs a ground slam that does splash damage.

Judge or Jury

3 5 Thor gets a 3% chance per level to trade his life for an enemies in battle, similar to "Fight for your Life" mode, but with no fighting.


3 5 As long as you are killing enemies with the hammer, you will slowly regain health at a rate of +7 per second. Amount increases per level.
Asgardian Ale

Asgardian Ale

4 5 Thor consumes Asgardian Ale which boosts his hammer power by +8%, hammer strength by +5%, and attack speed by +6%.
Reverse Polarity

Reverse Polarity

4 1 Thor uses his Asgardian wisdom to turn his foes against one another temporarily.

Lord of the Nine Realms

5 5 Enhances all the effects of the 9 Realm Discs by +3% per level.
Call in the Calvary

Call in the Calvary

6 1 Thor can summon the Warriors Thre to temporarily fight for him.

Loot DropsEdit


ER: Extremley Rare

R: Rare

RA: Random

OO: On Occasion

SC: Somewhat Common

C: Common

Default: Always Drops

After defeating an enemy, Captain America will typically find these loot drops:

  • S.H.I.E.L.D. Currency (Default)
  • Experience Points or EXP (Default)
  • Divine Currency (Default)
  • Asgardian Relics
    • Strength Relics (SC)
    • Speed Relics (SC)
    • Durability Relics (C)
    • Ehanced Lightning Relics (SC)
  • Asgardian Armor
    • Helmets (R)
    • Breastplates (SC)
    • Pauldrons (SC)
    • Greaves (C)
    • Gauntlets (C)
    • Capes (OO)
  • Mjolnir Customization Parts
    • Hammer Spikes (R)
    • Hammer Bludgeons (OO)
    • Side Slates (OO)
    • Longer Shaft (SC)
    • Lion Head (R)
    • Eagle Head (R)
  • 9 Realms Discs: The 9 Realm Discs appear on Thor's armor as you find them. Each one grants Thor a special, unique ability to go along with his lightning. However, when you use them, they consume all of Thor's magic bar, and can only be used once a day. All of these discs are Extremely Rare and only 4 can be equipped at a time.
    • Asgardian Disc: Grants Thor more powerful lightning and shock power.
    • Midgard Disc: Grants Thor the power to throw boulders at enemies.
    • Musphelheim Disc: Grants Thor the power to launch fire balls at enemies.
    • Jotunheim Disc: Grants Thor the power to send giant ice spikes across the field to attack enemies.
    • Vanaheim Disc: Grants Thor the power to teleport a small distance.
    • Alfheim Disc: Grants Thor the power to blind his enemies temporarily.
    • Svartalfheim Disc: Grants Thor the power to deploy a veil of fog to escape from battle or distract.
    • Nidavellir Disc: Grants Thor the ability to energize Mjolnir and deal more damage.
    • Nilfheim Disc: Grants Thor the ability to fire water jets at enemies.


Intelligence: 4

Strength: 7

Speed: 7

Durability: 6

Energy Projection: 6

Fightning Skills: 4

Other Important FactsEdit

Base of Operations: Asgard

Identity: Public Identity

Citizenship: Asgardian

Martial Status: Single

Education: As Thor he was tutored by the esteemed scholars of Asgard; When he was posing as Donald Blake he recieved his Doctor of Medicine (MD) title.

Height: 6'6"

Weight: 640 lbs (291 kg)


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