Thomas Elliot was good friends with Bruce Wayne as a child. His parents were surgeons who constantly  abused for misbehaving in public unlike the well mannerd Bruce. This caused Elliot to develop a resentment towards him and a need to prove himself superior. When Bruce's family was killed the 2 drifted apart as Bruce went to travel the world. Elliot was cut from his parents will because of his bad behavior in school. Enraged that he had no money and was forced to intern at Ace Chemicals but Bruce had gained his inheritance Thomas began to despise him. Eventually Elliot became CEO at Ace Chemicals after his superiors had perished in bizarre accidents. Being able to control manufacturing he saw this as his chance to get back at Wayne and start his own company. To further his goal he brought in top scientists Kirk Langstorm, Victor Fries and Jonathan Crane. These scientists were willing to study the more unethical type of experiments which he would then sell to the Black Market for money to start his business. However his dealings were becoming harder and harder to accompish when muckcrackers reported these dealings. So he collected various drugs and chemicals and then staged a accident to temporarily close Ace Chemicals. However this is the same accident that would create Mr. Freeze. He then created the masked identity Hush and began mass producing The Acer drug and selling it to criminals. However these actions eventually caught the attention of The Batman. The Batman tracked him but Elliot was able to elude him until he managed to crash in during a deal. The 2 fought but Hush managed to escape thanks to a sleeper bomb. Later Hush planned to break in to Wayne tower to steal access codes. Seeing Freeze had escaped he saw this as perfect time.He then used a high pictch bomb to bring  Man-Bat out of hiding the 2 would serve as distractions for the Batman. However Batman still interrupted after Hush revealed himself he battled Batman but was defeated. JL rising he is mentioned by Batman.

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