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Vital Statistics
Real Name Thomas Elliot
Alignment Bad
Current age Dependent on incarnation
Gender Male
Family Robert Elliot

Marla Elliot

Status Alive
Eye Color Blue
Hair Color Red
Alias Hush
Unusual Features None
Affiliation Justice League
Weapons No specific wielded weaponry
Species Human
Home Gotham City (Earth)
Debut Batman #609
Class Riflemen
Voice Actor Kevin Conroy

Thomas Elliot was a former surgeon and now professional criminal/serial. He currently has incarnations in Injustice: Free for All.


Thomas Elliot was born in the wealthy Elliot family and was a childhood friend of Bruce Wayne. That was until Thomas got tired of his parent's negligence and abuse, cutting the breaks on their car to lead to their deaths. However, even though Thomas' father was killed, his mother was simply wounded and revived by Thomas Wayne. So, Elliot was forced to wait many years for his mother to finally die so he can take her money, giving Elliot an extreme hate for the Wayne family. After the parents of the Wayne Family died, Elliot then became a criminal in order to get revenge on the final member of the family, Bruce Wayne.


Elliot possesses no amazing physical strength, though his he a master brain and plastic surgeon as well as a genius and well marksman. He carries around a pair of revolvers and stolen medical supplies.

Role in Silence in the DarkEdit

Hush, determined to ruin Bruce Wayne's life, sneaks into Bane's hideout and proposes a plan. Crumble Wayne Tech with Black Mask's explosives. So, Hush breaks into Black Mask's hideout (after beating 2 of his guards) and tells him that Bane is on his way to buy the explosives. Knowing that Black Mask will turn down the offer,  Hush offers to be his hitman if he accepts it. Black Mask accepts and is off to intercept Ra's Al Ghul's base in order to steal his money. He completes it after taking out 2 of Ra's men and is then sent to LexCorp in order to steal a device of weaponry. When he aquires the device, Lex sends two Lex bots, which are defeated. Hush returns and the deal is sealed.

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