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Thing (Legends Collide)
Vital Statistics
Real Name Benjamin Grimm
Alignment Good
Current age 33
Gender Male
Family None
Status Active
Eye Color Blue
Hair Color Bald
Alias Ben Grimm
Unusual Features Made of orange rocks
Affiliation Fantastic Four
Weapons None
Species Human Mutate
Home Baxter Building
Debut Marvel vs DC: Legends Collide
Class Power
Voice Actor Clancy Brown

Thing is a playable character in Marvel vs DC: Legends Collide. He is a power character and is voiced by Clancy Brown.

Role in the StoryEdit


Move ListEdit

Character TraitEdit

Super MoveEdit

Thing shouts "It's clobberin' time!" before stomping on the ground, sending a tremor of debris at his opponent. He grabs a handful of debris and throws them one at a time at his opponent before clapping his hands on their head.


  • Thing walks in, cracks his knuckles and says "This should be a good work out."
  • Thing says "You ain't got nothin' over the ever-lovin' blue-eyed Thing!" and crosses his arms in victory.

Character EndingEdit

Alternate CostumesEdit


  • Clancy Brown has never previously voiced the Thing before.
  • Thing shares a voice actor with Lex Luthor.

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