THE SUICIDE SQUAD is a squadron of highly trained criminals tasked to do black ops/police work in exchange of communted sentences, however, the file you a currently reading is about the incident (game) with the same title. THE SUICIDE SQUAD is based around one of the last operations performed by THE SUICIDE SQUAD, also known as TASK FORCE X. The incident took place (will be released) in mid November of 2013. Being another INJUSTICE incident, THE SUCIDE SQUAD is a side scrolling fighting type. Containing the usual interactable objects, transitions, and special moves, it also has the "ENERGY" meter and the "BEATDOWN".  The more the player is harmed, the more their energy meter goes up. Once the meter is fully charged, the player can perform a beatdown if timed correctly. A beatdown is when the opposer is grabbed and the user must complete a stream of quick time events that causes more damage if all placed correctly.

There are also weapons scattered around the area that can be picked up and used by the user the entire round if not disarmed. Wagers are also brought back, but the store is removed and the challenge towers are replaced with simple "TO THE TOP" offline matches. A new mode called "WAVE SLAYER', where one to four players must fend off 300 waves of enemies. Winning will earn the player 500 Econs, the currency of the game. The store is replaced with a trading system, as well.


THE SUICIDE SQUAD (incident) begins after THE SUICIDE SQUAD (team) were sent attack the new opposing team of mercenaries, THE REAPERS. No fatalities, several wounded, and THE SUICIDE SQUAD discovered the rivial team is being lead by a mercenary under the name ENVIED BLIZZARD and his unidentifed partner.

Two (2) months after the battle, THE REAPERS framed THE SUICIDE SQAUD for blowing up CENTRAL CITY'S GENERAL HOSPITAL, five (5) fatalities, seventeen (17) casualties, in an act of revenge. The crime forced THE SUICIDE SQUAD to have to work triple time for more commuted sentences.

After the commuted sentences were paid off, THE SUICIDE SQUAD then attacked THE REAPERS in another act of revenge, but ended up in most of the squad being killed or fatally wounded, ending with ENVIED BLIZZARD'S partner, DEATHSTROKE, to kill him after he figured out it was BLIZZARD (who's deceased ID later found out to be WILLIAM RONDOLPH WINTERGREEN) himself who murdered DEATHSTROKE'S son.


The Suicide SquadEdit

  • Amanda Walker
  • Deadshot
  • Captain Boomerrang
  • Harley Quinn
  • James Gordon
  • Poison Ivy
  • Count Verdigo

The ReapersEdit

Secret SixEdit

  • Bane
  • Rag Doll
  • Black Alice
  • Catman

Birds of PreyEdit

  • Huntress
  • Black Canary

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