The Nest of Batman is a game made by Bloxxeatspie studious. 


Bruce Wayne has always thought that Gotham was his friend, his ally, part of his family. He was wrong. And Gotham's REAL ally is going to show Batman and his friends how wrong he was. The Court of Owls has been around since the time of Jonah Hex. They have these assassins called Talons. They are highly trained. And the Court has released each and everyone of the Talons out onto Gotham to take out Batman and his Batfamily 

 Playable CharactersEdit

  1. Batman (Bruce Wayne Costume/Batman Beyond Costume/Alfred Costume/)
  2.  Nightwing (Pre New 52 Costume/Robin Costume/Street Clothes Costume/Flying Grayson costume/Batman Costume)
  3. Robin (IIII) (Street Clothes Costume/Pre Robin Costume/Future Batman Costume)
  4. Batgirl (Stephanie Brown Batgirl Costume/Cassandra Cain Batgirl Costume/Betty Kane Batgirl Costume/Batwoman costume/Street Clothes Costume/Killing Joke clothes Costume/Retro Batgirl Costume/Police Station Batgirl Costume/Nightwing Costume/Huntress Costume) 
  5. Red Robin (Street Clothes Costume/Robin Costume/Culling Costume/Pre New 52 Costume/)
  6. Red Hood (Jason Todd costume/Hush Costume/Batman costume/Jason Todd resurrected Costume) 
  7. Talon (Court of Owls member costume) Unlockable after Story Mode is completed.
  8. Catwoman  (The Dark Knight Rises Costume/90's Costume/80's Costume) 
  9. Jim Gordon (The Dark Knight Rises Costume/Year One Costume/) 

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