The Fortune is a main and playable character in Metal Gear: The Ultimate Patriot. She is a power user and is voiced by Maula Gale.


Helena Dolph Jackson was a beautiful woman born from her father, Scott Dolph, who was a marine commander. She was also born with dextrocardia, a rare condition where the victim's heart is on the right side of their chest instead of their left. Her father was killed by Solid Snake (who was framed by the real killer, Revolver Ocelot) and her mother committed suicide. Helena miscarried her daughter when she was pregnent and joined the anti-terrorist group, Dead Cell after she was nicknamed "Lady Luck" and 'The Fortune" due to her extremely unlikely luck on a battlefield.

Her luck became supernatural, as bullets literally wizzed around her and all grenades directed towards her were duds (it's later turned out that it's just her internal nanomachines), so she had no way to die and challenged any unfamilar face to try to kill her. In 2009, she, with Vamp (as the rest of Dead Cell were either AWOL or "dead") tried to stop Raiden from getting into The Big Shell.


  • Queen parries any projectile attacks via her "curse"
  • Queen fires a large energy blast from her Rail Gun
  • Queen fires three shots from her Berreta


Queen fires a Rail Gun blast at her opponent's feet, shooting them up. She shoots them up further with her Rail Gun again, this time midair, and shoots them down with her Berreta. Her opponent, bloodied and broken, fires their first projectile attack, only for it to zoom around Fortune and she uses her psychic power to send it back right into their face. Finally, she runs up and backflip kicks her crouching opponent to the ground.

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