The Fear is a playable chracter in Metal Gear: The Ultimate Patriot. He is a power user and is voiced by Michael Bell.


The Fear was a double jointed spastic who became a key member in The Boss' Cobra Unit in World War 2 and operation Snake Eater. Moving and simply attacking like how how a spider would, the nearly invisiblily camoflaged and inhumanly agile jumper hunted down Naked Snake under the command of his leader, The Boss, along with the rest of the Cobras backing him up.


  • Spastic Spider: The Fear crawls up the stages' walls and pounces back onto his opponent
  • Double Crossed: The Fear fires an arrow from his crossbow
  • Dolomedes Drain: The Fear slowly pulls out his crossbow, shooting a venomous arrow, draining the rivial's heath for 2 seconds
  • Latrodectus Lined: The Fear fires a zipline into his opponent's chest and zips into them
  • Frag Fight: The Fear fires a frag arrow at his opponent as it explodes on impact.


Ridicolous Recluse: The Fear acrobatically makes his way over to his opponent, beating them down until they're bruised and laying down on their back. He whips out his two crossbows and fires them into his wounded rivial's hands, pinning them down. He fires a final arrow, this time vemonous, into his victim's stomach, draining their heath as he uses his tongue to pull out the first two arrows and backflipping off of them.

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