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Thanos (Legends Collide)
Vital Statistics
Real Name Thanos
Alignment Bad
Current age 723,774,432
Gender Male
Family None
Status Active
Eye Color White
Hair Color None
Alias None
Unusual Features Purple skin
Affiliation None
Weapons Infinity Gauntlet
Species Titanian Eternal
Home Deep Space
Debut Marvel vs DC: Legends Collide
Class Power
Voice Actor Kevin Grevioux

Thanos is a boss in Marvel vs DC: Legends Collide. He is a power character and is voiced by Kevin Grevioux.

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Super MoveEdit

Thanos launches himself at his opponent and punches them in the face twice before using the Time Stone to freeze time. His opponent is in midair and he grabs their ankle and throws them to the other side of the stage, using the Power Stone to blast a laser at them. Lastly, he uses the Space Stone to teleport himself in front of them. They collide with his chest and they fall to the ground, barely making Thanos budge.


  • Thanos appears in a cloud of multi-colored energy laughing devilishly.
  • Thanos covers his opponent's face with his hand and the Soul Stone glows, absorbing their essence into it.

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  • Kevin Grevioux has never previously voiced Thanos before.