This pyschopathic serial killer entitled Team Killer wants nothing more than to slaughter his own team, RED, in an act of revenge for murdering him and his daughter a while back. Don't wear RED around this undead murderer, as he'll dismember you with his wide arsenal of sharp melee weaponry along with the uncountable amount of other RED members he's taken from the TF2 Freak universe.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

  • Unlimited physical strength
  • Blindingly fast
  • Wide aresenal of sharpened weaponry
  • Litterally unkillable

Battle CriesEdit

INTRO: A cloud of eerie mist floats into the stage, as a silhouette appears in it. The mist fades and reveals that the silhouette was TK before he rips a bloodied machete out of his pack.

OUTRO: TK shealthes his machete, walks over to his opponent, and picks them up, carrying them away with a purple, eerie mist following them before they both fade into it.


  • Gutted and Gashed: TK stabs his opponent in the torso with his machete
  • Batter's Up: TK slams a spiked bat into the base of his rival's skull
  • Pain Train Station: TK pulls out a Pain Tain and stabs it into his opposer's shoulder
  • Axed and Answered: TK yanks out an axe and chucks it at his opponent
  • Blunt Butt: TK delivers a brutal, skull cracking headbutts to his opponent

THROW: TK grabs his opponent by the throat and slides it through his enemy's ribcage before kicking them off the sword
REVERSE THROW: TK grabs his opponent by the throat and slides it through his enemy's ribcage before throwing them off the sword

Beserker ModeEdit

Alternate CostumesEdit

DEFAULT: A zombie scout with a white mask, grey ponytail, and mummy bandages wrapped around limbs.


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