Superman (World's End)

Superman's Default Costume

Superman is a playable character in Justice League: The World's End. He was one of the first 6 characters to be announced alongside Wonder Woman, Batman, Green Lantern, Catwoman, and Lobo. He is a Power User. He is voiced by George Newbern. Nolan North voices the Superboy costume. Superman is a member of the Regime, but one of his alternate counterparts is a member of the Insurgency.

Events of World's EndEdit

Comic BookEdit

Story ModeEdit


Super MoveEdit

Superman flies towards his opponent, tackling them, and continues to fly through the arena. He flies them up into space where he punches them in the face, sending them flying backwards, but he flies behind them before blasting them back to the arena with his heat vision.

Character TraitEdit

Superman's suit begins emitting Yellow Sun radiation, making him and his attacks more powerful.


  • Intro: Clark Kent is typing in the Daily Planet until he hears something. He gets up, rips his shirt off to reveal the Superman costume, and flies into the arena.
  • Outro: Superman then flies off and is seen charging into battle against the Atomic Skull in slow motion.

Alternate Intros/OutrosEdit


  • Intro: Superman is sitting in a throne when he gets alerted by some Regime soldiers. He flies onto the scene and tells them "I'll handle this."
  • Outro: Superman walks up to his opponent and says "Kneel before your High Councilor." and the opponent kneels before Superman.

Young JusticeEdit

  • Intro: Superboy is in Mt. Justice battling a hologram, and when he wins, he hears something with his super hearing. He is then seen leaping into the arena.
  • Outro: He says "You should really learn to channel that anger." before leaping away. He is then seen on the couch at Mt. Justice trying to watch TV.

Character EndingEdit

"Though Batman and his Insurgency but up a valiant fight, they still were not enough to defeat Superman. After Batman had finally been executed, Superman used Batman's alternate reality technology so that he and his Regime could go on a multiverse wide killing spree. He wiped out countless versions of himself, becoming the High Councilor of over 100 worlds."

Alternate CostumesEdit

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