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Superman (RotG)

Superman's appearance in Rise of the Gods

Superman is one of the characters in Injustice: Rise of the Gods. He is portrayed by Travis Willingham, who reprises his role from Lego Batman 2: DC Super Heroes.

Role in Rise of the Gods Edit

In Injustice:Rise of the Gods, Superman leads an escape from all of the largest prisons on Earth. He then tries again to become the dictator of Earth, this time attempting to appeal the people who thought that he was imprisoned unlawfully. Several heroes and villains join his New Regime. As it grows, Batman leads a charge against it, this time calling themselves the Protectors. Superman looks for a way to stop this and sends Damian Wayne, Batman's son, to kill Batman. The plan is foiled and Damian is placed in custody. Superman than goes after Batman himself, but ends up fighting Deathsroke. After a long struggle, which includes Superman being shot in the foot, Superman kills him and throws him into the sewer. Superman returns to his base, an old warehouse. When he arrives, Superboy and Zatanna confront him. Superman escapes, and calls Wonder Woman to action. He gives her orders to attack The Flash, a Protector. Meanwhile, Superman attacks Green Lantern. He defeats Green Lantern and takes him to the warehouse. Upon getting there, he orders Aquaman to kill Green Lantern while he is working on "other business." Superman then begins to write up plans to brainwash the entire world. However, he is interrupted by a call from Wonder Woman. She tells him that The Flash escaped, but she severely wounded him in the process. Superman deduces that Flash would not be able to run as fast anymore, making him easy to catch. He decides to send The Flash's archenemy (Captain Cold), a member of the New Regime, after him. While (Unrevealed) finds The Flash, Superman walks into Doomsday's chamber. The shock collar has worked just as effectively as before. Superman and Doomsday both attack Batman. Before they reach him, however, Damian Wayne creeps out of the shadows and tells Superman how he escaped. Superman yells "You are a failure!" before punching Damian through the wall of a building. Damian groans and Superman says, "You are lucky I let you live." He then resumes looking for Batman. Superman finally finds him in the Insurgency's old headquarters. Batman, knowing he is outmatched, desperately calls for all Protector members while he attempts to fight off Superman. Superboy, Nightwing, (Unrevealed), and (Unrevealed) come to his aid. Batman and Superboy confront Superman while the others take out Doomsday. Together, they defeat Superman and stop the New Regime.

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