Superman redesign
Superman, as he appears during the game.
Vital Statistics
Real Name Kal-El (Kryptonian Birth Name)

Clark Joseph Kent (Adoptive Earth Name)

Alignment Villian
Current age Unknown
Gender Male
Family Lara Lor-Van - Mother

Jor-El - Father

Martha Kent - adoptive mother

Jonathan Kent - adoptive father

Status Playable Character
Eye Color Blue
Hair Color Black
Alias Superman
Unusual Features Becomes a villian
Affiliation Regime

Justice League of America

Daily Planet

Weapons None
Species Kryptonian
Home Krypton


Debut Marvel vs. DC - Comic Prelude
Class None
Voice Actor Henry Calvin

Superman is an playable character in Marvel vs. DC Universe. He is an Power User. Like in the game Injustice: Gods Among Us, Superman is depicted as an villian. Alongside with Batman and Wonder Woman, he is one the main villians from the game. Henry Calvin, that portrayed Superman in The Man of Steel movie reprises his role in the game.



Superman's family was killed by the parademons of Darkseid, during an invasion on Earth. After that, he kill him and begin to exterminate all the villians from the world. But, in the end, he becomes a villian, alongside with Batman and Wonder Woman. When Loki and Thanos opened the portal to the alternative dimension, Superman, Wonder Woman, Batman and other heroes are brougth. After that, Superman begins to dominate the world.

Classic/New 52/The Man of SteelEdit

When is a baby, Kal-El's planet, Krypton, was destroyed. In a tentative to save their son, Lara Lor-Van and Jor El put him in a small ship and send him to another place. He is founded by the Kent family, and was created like an normal child. But, when he is an adult, he powers appeard, and he becomes Superman.

Red SonEdit

In an alternate reality, baby Kal-El's rocket lands in the Soviet Union instead of Kansas. He is raised to be a champion of the Communist Revolution instead of growing up in the American Way.

Marvel vs. DC - Comic PreludeEdit

In the Marvel vs. DC - Comic Prelude Issue 17, Kal-El's remember the events before Loki and Thanos bring-it.