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Default Costume in Dimensional Rift

The shining guardian of Metropolis. Superman is an iconic hero, a shining example of somebody who doesn't let power corrupt.


Intro: Superman flies in, shaking the ground as he lands. He then points at his opponent saying, "Prepare to face justice!"

Outro: Superman flies up, holding the opponent. The scene then switches to Belle Reve Penitentiary, where the opponent is dropped into the prison whilst Superman flies away.


Character Trait - The Light Of The Yellow Sun - Superman is bathed in a yellow light, which heals him slowly over time.

Super Move - Superman grabs his opponent by the neck and punches them in the face a few times, before blasting them into the ground with his laser vision. He then flies straight up and comes down, punching tthe opponent's chest.


New 52 - Default outfit unlocked at start.

Action Comics - Can be bought with in-game credits.

Superman Blue - Can be bought with in-game credits (Red is the alternate).

Superboy - Reward for completing Classic Battle with Superman.

Classic - Included in the 'Blast From The Past' skin pack.

Animated - Included in the 'Only Two Dimensions' super skin pack and the 'Only Two Dimensions 2' pack.

Hyperion - Included in the 'Dimensional Counterpart' skin pack.


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