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Superman CW 2
Man of Steel
Vital Statistics
Real Name Kal-El (Krypton)

Clark Kent (Earth)

Alignment Evil (Earth 1)

Good (Earth 5)

Current age Unknown
Gender Male
Family Louis Lane (Girlfriend)
Status Alive
Eye Color Blue
Hair Color Black
Alias Superman
Unusual Features None
Affiliation Justice League (Earth 5)

Regime (Earth 1)

Weapons None
Species Kryptonian
Home Krypton (Formerly)


Debut Action Comics #1
Class Evil Ruler (Earth 1)

American Hero (Earth 5)

Voice Actor Tim Daly

"Superman will always symbolize hope... especially for those can't see it." -Batman

Superman is a playable character in Injustice: Cross-Worlds. He was first revealed in the demo shown at the Injustice Fancon of July 2013. He is voiced by Tim Daly.                  


Kal-El was born to Jor-El and Lara of the planet Krypton. Fearing for the safety of their son, the two loving parents sent Kal-El into space to Earth, where he would be safe and so he could later use his abilities gained from the yellow sun to aid innocent life. Crash landing outside the town of Smallville, KS, the child was found and taken in by a farming couple. Jonathan and Martha Kent would become Kal's foster parents and raise him to the best of their ability. They named him Clark and that name would become not only the link to his humanity, but an alter ego that would help keep his loved ones from danger. As Clark grew into his teens, he found out more and more about his abilities and as a young man, he officially took on the guise of Superman thanks to a costume made by Martha from his swaddling clothes sent with him from Krypton.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

  • Super Speed
  • Super Strength
  • Heat Vision
  • Cold Breath
  • X-Ray Vision


INTRO (Regime): Superman is seen in a military base, surrounded by a group of soldiers. He says, "Follow my lead." The screen switches to him flying down into the arena, saying: "Oh, it's just you." He motions his hands, telling the soldiers to go away. "I got this."

OUTRO (Regime): Superman holds his opponent by the neck, saying: "Are you still brave enough to fight me?" The opponent, unconcious remains silent. The camera turns to the soldiers as bone cracking is heard. The camera turns back to Superman as he says, "That's what I thought."

INTRO: Clark Kent is seen at the Daily Planet typing away. He looks through the window, and takes off his glasses. The scene switches to him flying past the Golden Globe on the rooftop of Daily Planet as Superman, then landing into the battle arena getting into battle stance.

OUTRO: Superman flies off into the sky as the camera views the flames he had left on the ground.


Character TraitEdit

Man from Krypton: Superman takes less damage and has more of an effect on physical attacks.

Super MoveEdit

Man of Steel: Superman punches the opponent hard enough so the opponent goes flying into several buildings. Superman goes to the other side of the last building, then slams the opponent down into the ground.


To be confirmed...


  • TBA

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