Superboy is a member of the trio known as the Teen Terrors. Other Members include, Wonder Girl  and Solstice .

Superboy New 52

Superboy's Default costume

He is the most powerful member of his team. He is a playable character in the game Death of the Gods. He was the first character to be announced playable for the game. 

Events in DotGEdit

Superboy is traveling across the country to get away from N.O.W.H.E.R.E.. While traveling, he finds a small town and sees that all of the town's inhabitants are mourning. When Superboy asks them what's wrong, they tell him that Superman and the Justice League have been killed fighting Darksied. Superboy began to contact old allies. Only two responded which were Wondergirl and Solstice. Once they met the girls agreed to join Superboy's team. Once the Teen Terrors are officially formed, they set out to find and terrorizre Darkseid. 



Superboy grabs his opponent and jumps up, throws then down then lands on them. Then, he uses his Tacktical Telekinesis to pound his opponent deep into the ground then punches their face. 

Character Trait Edit

Superboy's torn suit heals his suit to make it undamaged. 

Alternate CostumesEdit

Alt. Superboy 1

Retro Superboy

Superboy Alt. 2

Young Justice Superboy

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