Storm (HD)

Storm's Default Costume

Storm is a playable character in Avengers: Heroes Disassembled. Storm was one of the first six to be revealed, alongside Spider-Man, Captain America, Mystique, Electro, and the Thing. She is a Gadget User. She is voiced by Kirsten Williamson.

Role in the StoryEdit

S.H.I.E.L.D. MissionsEdit


Super MoveEdit

Storm creates a small cloud above her, and a lightning bolt blasts out of it, hitting her opponent. She does this again and then creates a storm of clouds around her opponent and they begin floating up into the sky as they are electrocuted. Once they are in the sky, Storm creates a tornado and they are sucked in, and they get hit by several pieces of debris. Finally, Storm makes a large lightning bolt blast through the tornado and shoot them back to the ground.

Character TraitEdit

Storm creates a small tornado around her, causing all ranged attacks to get caught in the tornado and dissipate.


  • Intro: The arena becomes very stormy. Storm then comes flying in, surrounded by tornadoes. Before the intro is over, a very dramatic lightning bolt flashes.
  • Outro: The arena becomes stormy once more, and Storm flies up into the sky as lightning flashes all around her.

Character EndingEdit

"After Storm had taken a stand and defeated the New Order, she decided it was time to give Wakanda the ruler it deserved. She gave up her duties as a so-called hero and returned to her homeland. Once again using her powers to help the people of her country, she was worshiped as a goddess. However, the god Thor, felt remorse for his crimes during the New Order. He requested sanctuary within Wakanda, and Storm gave it to him, but only in return for possession of his hammer."


  • Storm is one of the few heroes to willingly support the New Order, but she soon switched sides and joined the Secret Avengers.
  • Black Panther is never mentioned throughout the story, but several panther statues are seen in Wakanda, so it presumed he was killed and leadership over Wakanda fell to Storm
  • Kirsten Williamson has previously voiced Storm in X-Men: Evolution.

Alternate CostumesEdit

  • New Order: Storm's New Order costume is unlocked by using an archive armory key.
  • Astonishing: Storm's Astonishing costume is unlocked by completing all of her S.H.I.E.L.D. Missions.
  • Femme Fatales: Storm is given an alternate costume in the "Femme Fatales" DLC Pack.


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