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Stan Lee
Stan Lee Cross-Worlds
Co-Creator of Marvel Comics
Spectacular Stan Lee
Cameo King
Vital Statistics
Real Name Stan Lee
Alignment Good
Current age 90
Gender Male
Family Joan Lee (Wife)
Status Alive
Eye Color Black
Hair Color Grey
Alias Stan Lee
Unusual Features None
Affiliation None
Weapons Mjolnir, Shield, Iron Man's Gloves, Web Shooters
Species Human (1/2)

Asguardian (1/2)

Home Earth
Debut Captain America Comics No. 3 (May 1941)
Class Human

Cameo King

Voice Actor Stan Lee


Stan Lee is a downloadable character in Injustice: Cross-Worlds. He was first revealed at the Injustice Fancon of August 2013. He is voiced by himself.      


As a Marvel co-creator, he made many cameos in cinematic movies and comic books. He has created many famous superheroes such as Spider-Man, Fantastic Four and The Hulk. Being a creator, he has the abilities of the heroes he had made such as web shooters, stretchable limbs and the ability to become the Hulk.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

  • Webs at Command
  • Stretchable Limbs
  • Gamma Radiation
  • Iron Man's Gloves
  • Heat Vision
  • Mjolnir


INTRO: Stan Lee is web slinging from building to building. He looks down on a single web, then stretches his legs down to the ground. As he touches the ground, he picks up his Mjolnir and yells, "EXCELSIOR!" Lighting strikes behind him as Captain America's shield comes flying at him. Stan Lee takes the shield and straps it to his arm and gets into battle stance as he says, "Pick up a comic book and read it. If you haven't heard of me before, you haven't read a comic book."

OUTRO: Stan Lee takes off his glasses. He opens his eyes, and shoots out heat vision like Cyclops at the opponent. As sizzling noises are heard, he puts on his glasses, and picks up a Spider-Man comic book from the ground. He walks away with it as the scene transitions to him in a Cafe drinking Coffee while reading the comic book.


Character TraitEdit

The Incredible Stan: Stan Lee can transform into a Hulk like figure for as long as the user wants.

Super MoveEdit

King of Cameos: The scene becomes a rooftop. Stan Lee crosses his arms, then yells out, "EXCELSIOR!" He takes out his arms to reveal Wolverine Claws. He slashes the opponent twice, then kicks the opponent away off the rooftop. Stan Lee stands at the edge, then shoots a web at the opponent with a string attatched from Stan's hand to the opponent's chest. He grins as his hand lights on fire, burning the web making the opponent fall off the rooftop. The opponent slams into the ground.


To be confirmed...


To be confirmed...

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