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Avengeance: Heroes Among Us features fifteen Stages (two which are variants of other stages) including iconic locations such as Stark Tower, the SHIELD Hellicarrier and Ryker's Island. What makes Avengeance's Stages unique compared to other fighters is that the player can use the environment to one's advantage, for example picking up cars and throwing them at players or kicking an opponent through a building.

Character Comic Debut Appearance
Asgard Journey Into Mystery (Vol 1) #85

(October, 1962)

Avengers Mansion (Day) Avengers (Vol 1) #1

(July 1963)

Avengers Mansion (Night) Avengers (Vol 1) #1

(July, 1963)

Doomstadt Castle

Fantastic Four (Vol 1) #5
(July 1962)

Kang's Time Ship

Avengers #8
(September, 1964)

Hell's Kitchen

Daredevil (Vol 1) #1


Loki's Raft

Alias #26
(November, 2003)

New York

Marvel Comics #1
(September, 1939)


Daredevil (Vol 1) #361
(Feburary, 1997)

The Raft Alias #26

(November, 2003)

Savage Land Marvel Mystery Comics #22

(August, 1941)

SHIELD Hellicarrier Strange Tales #135

(August, 1965)

STARK Industries New Avengers (Vol 1) #3

(April, 1963)

Stark Tower Detective Comics #28

(March, 2005)

Wakanda Fantastic Four #52

(July, 1966)

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