Spider-man is a playable character in Revengers: Demons among us. He is classified as a Hybrid user. His house,High School and Workplace are featured as stages in the game.


Spider-Man's Default Costume


Science Genius Peter Parker was bitten by a genetically altered spider during a field trip. At first he used his powers for fame and money but after the death of his Uncle Ben he learned that Great Power comes with Great Responsibility.


Powers and AbilitiesEdit


-Superhuman Strength

-Superhuman Speed

-Superhuman Stamina

-Superhuman Durability

-Superhuman Agility

-Superhuman Equilibrium

-Superhuman Reflexes


-Genius-level Intellect

-Master Combatant



INTRO:Peter Parker is sitting in class he hears police sirens and gives Mary Jane a kiss before leaving class. After making fun of some webbed up thugs he swings into the battlefield saying "Your friendly neighborhood Spiderman is ready for duty" (All costumes except Spider-Carnage Black Suit and Dictatorship)

INTRO:Spiderman jumps down from a building and says "looks like you could use a good beating"(Spider-Carnage and Black Suit only)

INTRO:Spiderman is seen mourning over Aunt May and Mary Jane's graves. He then swings into battle telling his footsoldiers to back off(Dictatorship Only)

OUTRO: Spiderman swings to the Daily Bugle where he gives some photos to J.J Jameson. Peter then goes home to dinner with Aunt May.(All costumes except Spider-Carnage Black Suit and Dictatorship)

OUTRO:Spiderman hangs his opponent with his webbing upside down and snaps their neck(Spider-Carnage and Black Suit only)

OUTRO:Spiderman signals his footsoldiers to arrest his opponent. He then sits in his throne watching them about to be executed by electric chair.(Dictatorship Only)


Character TraitEdit

Spider-Sense-Spiderman triggers his Spider sense which causes all attacks to miss for 15 seconds. It also increases his speed.

Move ListEdit

Super MoveEdit

Arachnophobia-Spiderman shoots a web net behind his opponent. He then shoots web balls at them causing them to get trapped in the net. He then web swings and kicks them in the chest. He then shoots a web line at them and swings them around then finally slams them to the ground.


Character EndingEdit

"Defeating his evil counterpart Spiderman felt that he should stay around to fix up the mess his counterpart created. Wanting to go home Spiderman trained an apprentice named Miles Morales to protect the people of the alternate New York and redeem the name of Spiderman that his counterpart had put to shame"


Alternate CostumesEdit

-Dictatorship:Finish Arcade Mode using Spiderman

-Black Suit:Defeat Venom with Spiderman

-Spider-Carnage:Defeat Carnage with Spiderman

-Miles Morales: Part of Ultimate Marvel DLC

-Sam Raimi series: Part of Marvel Movie DLC

-Marc Webb Series: Pre Order the Game

-Scarlet Spider:Rate the iOS version

-Spiderman 2099: Beat Spiderman with Spiderman

-Spiderman Noir: Buy a Spider-man Card on iOS version

-Iron Spider: Beat Ironman with Spiderman



Iron Spider


Spiderman Noir


Spiderman 2099

Scarlet spider

Scarlet Spider


Marc Webb Series


Sam Raimi series


Miles Morales




Black Suit



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