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Spider-Man (VotG)
Spider-Man in Marvel: Vengeance of the Gods
Vital Statistics
Real Name Peter Parker
Alignment Good
Current age 23
Gender Male
Family Benjamin Parker (Uncle) (Deceased)

May Parker (Aunt)

Status Alive
Eye Color Hazel
Hair Color Brown
Alias Spider-Man
Unusual Features None
Affiliation The Avengers
Weapons Web Shooters
Species Human (Homo Sapien)
Home Queens, New York
Debut Amazing Fantasy 15

(Aughst 1962)

Class Acrobat/Stealth
Voice Actor TBA

Spider-Man is a playable character in Marvel: Vengeance of the Gods. He was revealed during the first Fancon 2013 demo, alongside many other characters. Spider-Man is an Acrobat/Stealth character.


When high school nerd Peter Parker was bitten by a radioactive spider during a science experiment, he soon found out that he had gained the proportionate powers of an arachnid. With his new found abilities, Parker attempted to cash in on them. In a turn of events following his first wrestling match, Peter soon discovered that with great power comes great responsibility when his uncle died.

Marvel: Vengeance of the GodsEdit

Marvel: VotG Comic BookEdit

Marvel: VotGEdit

Spider-Man is one of many heroes and villains in the Marvel Universe who are being targeted by ancient gods, who want their power. Spider-Man must fight alongside friend and foe to defeat the armies of the divine.


Spider-Man will be classifed as an Acrobat/Stealth character. His attacks are based on quick, precise hand to hand combat, as well as implicating web attacks into his repitoire well. Spider-Man can swing through open worlds on his webs, and is ableto websling from any surface in the world. He can climb on walls and also has Spider Sense, which helps him counter attacks in combat.

Skill TreesEdit

Skill trees are divided in a very simple way. Each skill is on a tier level, assigned rightly so because of their complexity. Some skill might have multiple levels to invest in. For example some skills may be alllowed up to 5 points to make that skill stronger.


The Webslinger skill tree focuses on implicating webs into Spider-Man's combat. It also inhances any other productive intteractions he does with his webs, such as making navigation easier and making stealth easier.


The Radioactive skill tree focuses on enhancing Spider-Man's general speed and strength. Whether it's combat or stealth, this tree allows Spider-Man to upgrade his different stealth takedown techniques and his Spider Sense.


The Acrobatic skill tree focuses on upgrading Spider-Man's agility and acrobatic moves. This will allow Spider-Man to enhance his flexibility and manuvering in battle.

Loot DropsEdit


ER: Extremley Rare

R: Rare

OO: On Occasion

SC: Somewhat Common

C: Common

Default: Always Drops

After defeating an enemy, Spider-Man will typically find these loot drops:

  • S.H.I.E.L.D. Currency (Default)
  • Experience Points or EXP (Default)
  • Divine Currency (Default)
  • Web Silk: Web Silk is consumed similar to ammo. Spider-Man must collect Web Silk throughout the environment in order to use web attacks. Navigating the environment does not consume Web Silk. (Default)
  • Symbiote Pieces: The black Symbiote pieces are very rarily dropped, but when all 10 pieces are put together, they form the Symbiote Suit for Spider-Man. This will give him more power and ehance all of his skills.


Intelligence: 5

Strength: 4

Speed: 4

Durability: 3

Energy Projection: 1

Fighting Skills: 4

Other Important FactsEdit

Base of Operations: Horizon Labs, New York City, New York State

Identity: Secret Identity

Citizenship: (United States of) American

Martial Status: In a Relationship (w/ Mary Jane Watson)

Education: Master's Degree in Biophysics

Height: 5'9"

Weight: 245 lbs (111 kg)


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