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Peter Parker (Earth-616) from Superior Spider-Man Vol 1 30

Default Costume in Dimensional Rift

When shy teenager Peter Parker was bitten by a radioactive spider, he gained great power and even greater responsibility. Throughout all of the tragedy he has encountered, Peter devotes himself to fighting crime as the Spectacular Spider-Man!


Intro: Spider-Man is web slinging through New York, humming his own theme tune, before arriving on the arena.

Outro: Spider-Man grabs the opponent and there's a camera flash. The scene shifts to J. Jonah Jameson looking at a picture of Spider-Man holding the web-bound opponent.


Character Trait - Spider-Sense - Spider-Man activates his Spider-Sense, which slows down time momentarily and frees Spider-Man from effects such as freezing or stun.

Super Move - Along Came A Spider - Spider-Man web-grabs his opponent and slams them against the wall twice. He then pulls himself towards them and punches them from different angles before kicking them to the other of the arena.


Modern - Default costume unlocked at start.

Black - Can be bought with in-game credits.

FF - Can be bought with in-game credits.

Bag-Man - Reward for completing Classic Battle with Spider-Man.

Classic - Included in the 'Blast From The Past' skin pack.

Animated - Included in the 'Only Two Dimensions' skin pack.

Black Spider - Included in the 'Dimensional Couterpart' skin pack.


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