Solstice is a member of the trio know as Teen Terrors. Other members include, Superboy and Wonder Girl.

Solstice is a playable character in the game 'Death of the Gods'. She was the second character to be announced for the game. 

Events in DotGEdit

The Teen Titans have an argument after an unknown event. Superboy and Wonder Girl leave soon after the fight. Solstice is still with the much smaller Teen Titans group. She mourns along with Red Robin and Bunker over the news that the Justice League has been killed fighting Darkseid. She is contacted by Superboy who wants to avenge the JL by defeating Darkseid. She agrees to help him. She meets him in New York and they wait for Wonder Girl to show up then they all set out to terrorize Darkseid. 


 Supermove Edit

Solstice picks up her opponent and flies them up into the air then throws them onto the ground. Then, Superboy punches their face and jumps away. 

 Character Trait Edit

She glows deep blue and she flies away. 

Alternate CostumesEdit

Solstice Variant

Her human form

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