Grundys default costume

Solomon Grundy is a playable character in Mortal Kombat vs Injustice,he is classified as a power user and is voiced by Fred Tatasicore


When criminal Cyrus Gold was killed, his remains were resurrected by the powers of the swamp his body fell into. Becoming Solomon Grundy, the mindless brute wants to destroy all of Earth's heroes.

Powers And AbilitesEdit

  • Superstrength
  • Regenerative healing
  • Resurrects upon death
  • Limited intelligence 



Intro:Grundy comes out from under a pool of guts,he then grunts and says "GRUNDY DESTROY YOU"

Outro:Grundy grabs a tombstone and slams it on your head. he grunts and walks away

X-Ray Move

Grundy Smash:Solomon grabs a tombstone from his chest and slams it on your head,cracking your skull. He then grabs a knfie from his back and stabs you in the neck.


Fatality 1: Grundy Pushes the opponent to their knee's,he then grabs a tombstone and slams it on there head shattering there body parts.

Fatality 2: Grundy pulls out two knives from his back,he then slashes them at the opponents chest and rips there torso off,then slams it to the ground.

Animality:Grundy Turns into a Dead squid,and chokes the oppoent to death.

Babality: Grundy turns into a baby. he then grabs a knife from his back and looks at it,he uses his finger to slide on it and it cuts him. he then cries

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