Solidus Snake is a playable character in Metal Gear: The Ultimate Patriot. He is a power user and is voiced by
Solidus Snook
John Cygan.


After the "birth" of Solid and Liquid Snake in the Les Enfants Terribles project, the Patriots later made a perfect clone of Big Boss, George Sears (codenamed Solidus Snake), being a perfect balance of Big Boss' recessive and dominant genes. He later became an amazing CIA paratrooper, but killed a young boy's parents. He took the boy, named him Jack (who later became Raiden) and trained him at the age of six to be a soldier. Jack, earning the name "Jack the Ripper" due to his ruthless and brutal reputation, later disappeared.

Solidus later became the 43th president of the United States of America in 2001 and the leader of the anti terrorist group Dead Cell. He, along with his army, The Sons of Liberty, overtook the large decontaination facility Big Shell. Jack, who is now a unknowing Patriot spy named Raiden, came to the Big Shell to disarm the planted C4 and save Soldius' kipnappee. Ultimately, Solidus lost his left eye in harrier crash, making him don an eyepatch like his father, and was slained by Raiden in a sword fight.

Later, his body was recovered by the Patriots and was used as a brain dead Big Boss poser in 2014.


  • P90 Power: Soldius unloads a few clips into his opponent with his P90
  • High Frenquency Blame: Solidus slices his opponent twice and gouges them with the hilt
  • Tendril Missile: Solidus shoots a barrage of missles out of his mechanical tentacles
  • Searing Shoulder: Solidus shoulders his opponent at great speeds thanks to his accelator, also setting his opponent on fire
  • Tentacle Take: Solidus grabs his opponent with his tendrils and throws them up

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