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Solid Snake
Vital Statistics
Real Name David
Alignment Neutral
Current age 34 (dependent on skin)
Gender Male
Family Big Boss ("father")

EVA (mother) Liquid Snake (brother)

Status Retired
Eye Color Blue
Hair Color Brown
Alias Snake
Unusual Features -
Affiliation FOXHOUND, Green Berets,
Weapons -
Species Human
Home -
Debut "Metal Gear"
Class Gadget User
Voice Actor David Hayter

Solid Snake is main and playable character in Metal Gear: The Ultimate Patriot. He is a gadget user and is voiced by, as always, David Hayter.


After being cloned from the legendary Big Boss along with Soldius and Liquid Snake, David joined the mercenary group FOXHOUND. He came out a legendary war veteran and retired, only to be called back for the Zanziber Land Incident, Shadow Moses Incident, Tanker Incident, and the Big Shell Incident. Later in his career, due to him being a clone, his modified life span effected him, giving him rapid aging and only a few years to live. However, armed with a SOCOM pistol and a lite cigarette in his mouth, Snake will always be known as the ultimate US patriot and Metal Gear destroyer.

Move ListEdit

  • SOCOM Shot: Snake draws his SOCOM and fires 2 rounds
  • Grenade Grasp: Snake pulls out an unpinned frag grenade from his belt and throws it
  • Knife Knab: Snake pulls out a stun knife and gouges the opponent's shoulder wih it, electrocuting them
  • Carbine Counter: Snake pulls out a fully loaded M4 and unloads a few clips into them
  • CQC Slice: Snake punches his opponent twice, stabs them in the stomach with his stun knife, and tosses them off

Nano MoveEdit

His Doppelganger: Snake pulls out a traquilzer and shoots a syringe into the opponent's head, knocking them out. He then creeps over them, pulls out a FAMAS, and unloads an entire clip into their chest, rudely awaking them. He turns them around, sticks a lob of C4 on their back, and kicks them down, causing the C4 the blow the opponent even further into the ground.

Alternate SkinsEdit

  • Default: Snake's young, pale self and old sneaking suit from Metal Gear Solid/Twin Snakes
  • Upgrade: Snake's appearance from Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons of Liberty
  • Navy SEAL: Snake as how he looked like in Pliskin's disguise
  • Old Snake: Snake as how he looked like in Metal Gear Solid 4 when he's suffering rapid aging
  • Shirtless Snake: Snake as how he looked at the end of MGS1/Twin Snakes, without a shirt or gloves
  • Rookie Snake: Snake as how he looked like in Metal Gear


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