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Vital Statistics
Real Name Karmen Kalina
Alignment Right Hand
Current age 24
Gender Female
Family None
Status Active
Eye Color Yellow
Hair Color Black
Alias Slither
Unusual Features Serpentine scales, forked tongue
Affiliation Arena World Tournament
Weapons - Serpentine physiology

- Serpent Communication

Species Human (Homo sapien)
Home Ophidia IV
Debut Female Fighters #476

(June 1992)

Class Gadget
Voice Actor Stana Katic

 Slither is a playable character in the game Arena World: Wrath of the Queen. She was revealed in September of 2013. Slither is one of the 12 Right Hand and is a Gadget User. She is voiced by Stana Katic.


Arena World: Wrath of the QueenEdit

Role in Arena WorldEdit


  • Serpentine Physiology and Communication: Slither has a strange genetic mutation that gives her snake like qualities, such as fast, quick movements, heat asborption, cold blood, and a forked tongue. She has trained herself to be immune to all types of poisions, and has even had a secondary evolution that allows her to secret venom from her teeth. 


INTRO: A swarm of snakes is seen slithering across the floor of the arena. Suddenly, one of the snake's eyes glow bright yellow and Slither rises from the herd of serpents. "Prepare to be sssssilenced," she hisses at the opponent.

OUTRO: After defeating her opponent, she flicks her tongue and the swarm of snakes returns. They engulf the fallen enemy, the body of the victim dissapearing under them. She turns to the camera, and grins, her eyes glowing. "I'll swallow you in one bite," she laughs, before the screen goes black.





Alternate CostumesEdit

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