Slade is a playable character in the game Teen Titans. He is an acrobat and is voiced by Ron Perlman.


Not much is known about Slade, but what is to be believed is that he was a marine who was recruited to be in a steriod experiment to boost someone's strength, speed, and agility. It worked, but Slade was later dishonorably discharged. So, Slade became a professional assassin until he ran into Batman and the Teen Titans, who quickly became his arch-enemies.

Events in Teen Titans GO!Edit




  • Pyro Punch
  • Flameful Fistful
  • Bo Staff Swirl
  • Assassin's Vengence
  • Destruction



  • Bo Staff: Slade pulls out his bo staff and extremely quickly hits his opponent in their head and stomach 4 times
  • Fire Beam: Slade shoots a beam of fire at his opponent
  • Teleport: Slade fire teleports behind his opponent
  • Phase: Slade phases through any projectile
  • Fire Fly: Slade flies/dashes towards his opponent, pushing them far back

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