Sinestro's default costume

Sinestro appears as a playable character in Mortal Kombat Vs Injustice. He is classified as a Power User. Sinestro is the archenemy of the Green Lantern Corps.


Once a member of the Green Lantern Corps, Sinestro was expelled for his exceedingly draconian methods of preserving order in his sector.  He acquired a yellow power ring, and went on to form his own Lantern Corps modelled in his image.

Powers And AbilitesEdit

  • Tremendous willpower
  • Power ring is one of the most powerful weapons
  • Ring can create any construct Sinestro imagines
  • Flight



Intro:Sinestro comes in flying in a yellow-goldish aura. he then sets to the ground and says "You will know the true meaning of fear"

Outro: Sinestro uses his ring to abosorb the fear out of your body. he then is glowed in a gold aura,grinning evily.

X-Ray Move

The Meaning of Fear:Sinestro Creates A Yellow construct of a Axe,he then stabs you in the chest cracking your bones. He then creates a construct of a Hard skull and uses his ring to throw it to the opponents head.


Fatality 1: Sinestro creates a knife construct. he stabs you in the chest and sucks the fear out of your soul,charging him up as the opponent falls to the ground.

Fatality 2:Sinestro creates a construct of multiple missles,he then points his hand towards the opponent as the missles fly and blow up the pieces of the opponent.

Animality: Sinestro creates a construct of a Golden bear. he then uses it to knaw down on the opponents shoulder.

Babality: Sinestro Turns into a baby. he looks at his ring and accidentally gives himself the memory of his mother dying. he then begins to cry from his biggest fear memory.

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