Sesshōmaru Default

Sesshōmaur is a Playable Character in Anime Warriors Among Us.

He is from the InuYasha Anime



Vital statistics
Position Lord of the Western lands
Age 19 (Appearance)

500 (Chronologically)

Status Orignal:Alive


Physical attributes
Height 178cm (5'10")
Weight 76kg (167.6 lbs)

Biography: Edit

Sesshōmaru is a powerful dog daiyōkai adf feared throughout the feudal world as the ruler of the western lands. He was the half - brother of the half-demon Inuyasha and the successor to the Inu no Taishō, their father. Unlike many other demons, he had no interest in possessing even one shard of the Shikon no Tama to enhance his powers. On his journey, he was accompanied by a two-headed dragon named A–Un, a demon imp named Jaken, and an orphaned human girl named Rin.

Ablity and Moves:Edit

  • Poision Claw
  • Posion Whip
  • Dragon Strike
  • Mokomoko
  • Super Speed
  • Flight
  • Immumity
  • Senses
  • Super Endurance
  • Super Strenght

  • Sesshōmaru Default Outfit
  • Sesshōmaru Regime Costume

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