Screaming Mantis

Screaming Mantis is a main and playable character in Metal Gear: The Ultimate Patriot. She is a power user and is voiced by Fred Tastiscoire.


Born in a war torn South American village, a young Mantis retreated into a basement, which turned out to be a torture chamber where she was accidently locked in it, forced to hear the screams and murders of her fellow villagers and had to keep herself hydrated by drinking dirty water from the chamber. The water made her hallucinate and go insane until she saw a praying mantis. She saw how the mantis covered its ears to block out the screams and remembered that female mantises eat the males after mating.

She then ate the corpses of her dead male villagers like the mantis and escaped the chamber, having absolutely no sanity or feelings whatsoever. She later joined the Beauty and the Beast corps, recruited by Liquid Ocelot, and became the leader. Mantis later had her entire mind taken over by Psycho Mantis' spirit.


  • Sorcerer's Slam: Mantis lifts her opponent in the air before slamming them right back down with her telekenisis
  • Hoodoo Hover: Mantis hovers over her opposer before flipping over and slamming her legs into them
  • Praying Parry: Mantis stands in place and uses her telekensis to parry any projectile attacks in a praying mantis stance
  • Vile Voodoo: Mantis pulls out a vodoo doll of her opponent and crushes it, crushing her opponent as well
  • Stunning Shriek: Mantis screams extremely loud, stunning her opponent via its volume


Psychotic Scream: Mantis, having Psycho Mantis' spirit being displayed over her, takes out another one of her rivial's doll and screams at them, shooting them into the air. She then takes the doll and slams it into the floor, making her flying opponent slam right into her extended arm, breaking their spine. She then lifts them up with her mind and slams them back and forth to all interactable objects.


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