• Misson 1: Training = All Asylum Inmates were broken out by Bane, so Batman must train on some  5 lowly thugs before going on his big misson by doing the move ordered on the top of the screen.
  • Misson 2: Hostage Save = Batman's first target is Joker, who has 10 hostages in the Ace Chemicals Factory hanging over sepearate vat of chemicals. Cut all of them down with your Batarang while dodging Joker's explosive pies.
  • Misson 3: Cat Burgerler = The next target is Catwoman, who is robbing the Museum. While Batman is chasing her, some robbed jewelry is falling out of her pocket. Catch all of them for 20 seconds and when done, defeat Catwoman.
  • Mission 4: A Drugged Knight = The next target is Scarecrow. You must defeat Scarecrow, but he will constantly inject you with fear venom, so press the punch button repeatedly to shake the effects off.
  • Mission 5: Knightfall = The main threat, Bane is finally here. But, like Scarecrow, will constantly try to break your back. Do the button combanations that appear on screen to struggle out of his grip and beat him.


The Joker

  • Mission 11: Master Escape = Joker is escaping Arkham Asylum. Run to the exit and fight and kill any guard who get in his way.
  • Mission 12: Sign Up NOW! = Joker is out an in his hideout. He has every goon except one, Bane. So he visits Bane to ask him to join and Bane replies that if he beats him and proves his worth, he'll join. Defeat Bane.
  • Mission 13: Traitor Amongst Us = There's a traitor in your ranks! Guess who he is, you get 3 tries. Once you find him out, he will run away. Throw some knives at his legs in order  for him to stop and kill him for betraying you.
  • Mission 14: Chaos at its Finest = The Joker has robbed the Museum, destroyed many banks, and caused chaos throughtout Gotham, but the GCPD has called in the SWAT team. Defeat 6 SWAT officiers.
  • Mission 15: The City is Ours = Finally, Batman and Robin has come onto the scene. Defeat a tag team of both of them and destroy the city.


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