Robin is a playable character in the game Teen Titans GO!. He is an acrobat and is voiced by Scott Menville.


Dick Grayson was an acrobat at the circus with his parents until one fateful day, an unknown shooter shot Dick's parents mid-show, leaving him as an orphan. Bruce Wayne/Batman took in Dick to be his first sidekick, Robin, until Dick left and organized a group of other teen superheroes called the Teen Titans.

Events in Teen Titans GO!Edit




  • Bo Stab
  • Staff Sweep
  • Painarang
  • Spike
  • Flying Grayson


  • Acroattack
  • Boy Wonder
  • Dynamic Duo
  • Caped Crusader
  • Teenage Thunderbolt

Special Moves:

  • Birdarang: Robin throws a Birdarang at his opponent
  • Explosive Birdarang: Robin throws an explosive birdarang at his opponent
  • Smoke Escape: Robin throws down a smoke bomb and appears behind his opponent
  • Disk Toss: Robin throws an electric disk at his opponent
  • Staff Swing: Robin twirls his staff like a helicopter blade, shredding up anyone who touches it.


  • Robin shoots his opponent in the chest with his grapple gun and zips towards them with the gun's reeling mechanism, kicking them when he gets to them.

Finishing MoveEdit

Robin shoots his grapple in his opponents crotch and runs towards them. He slides in between their legs behind them, throws down an explosive birdarang, and jumps over their head infront of them. He pulls out an electric birdarang, says 'Open wide!', shoves it in their mouth, and yanks the grapple, causing them to flip over into the explosive AND electric birdarang, electrocuting them and blowing them back towards Robin and he punches them down while their flying past him.


  • Loyal to Tradition: Robin wears his old 'Flying Graysons' outfit

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